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Hytera radios are easy to use and provide a level of efficiency for a variety of use case scenarios where durable and reliable radio communications is key. In the face of shrinking education budgets, Hytera has a solution tailored to fit any budget and overcome a variety of communications challenges facing your organization today. When seconds count, make sure you can be heard.

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Reachable Anywhere in School

IP Multi-site Connect is designed to extend the communication coverage by connecting multiple repeaters in dispersed locations over a TCP/IP-based network. It is highly scalable for different ground size of the schools and various buildings.

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Versatile Security Features

Hytera digital radios are abundant with security features such as one-touch call and text, emergency alerts, man-down and lone worker. With Prompt Alert feature built in, buses in the field of an active emergency, school shooting for example, can be notified instantly. When notified, the school buses would know to proceed to a pre-determined “safe zone” away from the school until an all clear signal is received. The alert tone is customizable both in frequency and volume.

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District Wide Collaboration

XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunking) Digital Trunking is a multi-site digital trunking solution that allows for an expanded network and feature set without having to add expensive infrastructure typically required with larger communication systems.

Wider coverage for the whole school district makes it possible for school bus fleets on the road to be informed of any critical alert or emergency.

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